Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Acts of Blogging

It's good to be related to people who are married to people who work with people who are married to people who write books. Really wonderful books.

This came in the mail to my daughter by way of my Aunt Sally...

And look! Signed by the Author! How cool is that?

It really is starting out to be a great book. Emily decided that she and I should read it together, which is great. We haven't done that since I read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to her. It was my favorite book when I was young, but I had forgotten how gruesome the scene at the Stone Table was (much more so than in the movie), and she cried and cried and cried. Then she cried some more. Not mild little wipe-away-a-tear-here-and-there crying. This was sobbing. (I kept saying "Wait! Listen! Good parts are coming up! It's not as bad as it seems, I promise!) I'm surprised that she is trusting me to read another book with her.

In other news, new Market Totes have been listed! Whee!!

Some of them have a longer, shoulder-length handle. So, if you see one with a short handle, but would prefer a longer one, you can request it and voila!

The Tour de France is over, and the winner is Alberto Contador! (Say it with me.... it just rrrrrrrolllss off the tounge. Alberrrrrrrto!)

Things seen during this year's Tour:

Two riders with their buttocks showing due to crashes which tore their bike shorts. (Yes, I'm a total adolescent.)

Two dogs that ran out into the street and caused wrecks. (As far as I know, both dogs are OK.)

One man, completely NEKKID, who ran along side the riders for a good 10 seconds, while the race announcers acted as though nothing was happening.

Thank heaven for Tivo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The word of the day is "Peloton"

Several years ago in July, I walked in the living room and sat down by my husband.
"Whatcha watching?"
"The Tour de France."
"Seriously? A bike race? What is there to watch?"

I got hooked! Gorgeous scenery! Amazing feats of strength and endurance! Crazy European fans who dress up like Elvis and run along side the riders. Spectacular crashes! Because when you flip over a guard rail while descending in the Alps wearing nothing but a helmet and 2 oz. of lycra, you are toast.

And where else but France would the winner be given a flute of Champagne to sip while pedaling laps around the Champs Elysee on the final day? Even the winners ceremony at the end of each day is great to watch, as stylish women in chic clothes give kisses on each cheek to the winners.

So, in honor of the Tour, here are my Etsy Picks du Jour...

Seeing Stars by vintagemuse.

Earrings made using recycled bicycle parts by doowop.

And for the wee ones, a Tour de France Baby Blanket by bamboobaby.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Luckily, I won't have to sent out "Change of Address" cards

I've moved!

Well, not really. I've moved my office (which used to be in a spare bedroom) and sewing stuff (which used to be in my bedroom) and shipping area (which used to be my kitchen table) into our upstairs bonus room. This used to be my daughter's hang-out space, but she rarely used it, so I kicked her out. Don't feel too sorry for her, she got a kitten out of the deal.

Basically, this was my husband's idea. Although I'm quite certain that he only had my best interests at heart, he was really getting tired of all of my stuff. I laid down my terms. I needed my computer upstairs. I needed a TV. I needed assorted tables and such moved. He agreed. Happily. (I should have asked for a new laptop, too.)

Check it out!

Space! Neatness!

Something that closely resembles organization!

This was over three days worth of work. First, we had to get all of my daughter's stuff out. Then to get all of my stuff up here, and organized. Computer cables to hook up, shelves to move, fabric to sort, and fold, and fold, and fold.

There are pros and cons of the new arrangement.

Pro: It is upstairs, which means that I will get additional exercise. Go me!
Con: It is upstairs, which means that I have to drag myself up and down stairs to go to the bathroom. Which, since I drink an embarrassing amount of Diet Coke and tea, is often.

Pro: My computer is now in my workspace, and I can check my email and etsy more frequently.

Con: My computer is now in my workspace, and I can check my email and etsy more frequently.

Pro: My shipping table will be way more efficient, leaving my kitchen table for charming family dinners lovingly prepared by me.

Con: Who am I kidding? The newly cleared kitchen table will be the perfect place to try the new stencil technique I saw online.

And now for some gratuitous kitten pictures!

No completely adorable kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Look what I got at a yard sale yesterday...

Apparently, P.T. Barnum was talking about me.

I was coming back from the Post Office, minding my own business, when I spied a yard sale on the way home. Now, I loves me a yard sale! So, while I'm contemplating cutting down a $2 size 14 tiered white cotton eyelet skirt to a size for my daughter (I can cut off the top band, cut out some width, add elastic, yeah, this will work...), I hear mewing. Lots of mewing.

Oh, how sweet! They must have a kitten. Maybe I'll give it a little scratch on the head as I pay for my skirt and leave. You know, kittenless.

It's in a box. Drinking milk (really bad for kittens, I've been told by my vet). The woman said that the mother cat showed up in their tool shed, had a litter of 3, and was killed with two of the kittens when she tried to move them across the highway. This little guy was left. All alone. They didn't even realize that he was still in their shed for a couple of days after the mother cat was run over.

They called the Humane Society, but they didn't have any room to take him and could only put them on a waiting list. They called local vets, but none of them would take him.

(Can you hear the violins?)

I picked him up, and he began purring. Loudly. Damn it!

Needless to say, my soft little heart couldn't take it, and I agreed to take him home. I was a HERO! Everyone at the yard sale was singing my praises! Well done, citizen!

Until I got home. And my husband was not nearly as impressed with my generosity of spirit to help those in need.

Then I showed him to my daughter! AM! HERO! of highest order! worthy of parades and ticker tape and a trip to Disney.

Baxter, however, did not fall as in love with the kitten as I did. And, you know, in the interest of keeping the kitten alive, the kitten will be staying in my daughter's room.

Once again, a HERO! WHEEE!

He is a teeny widdle guy, probably around 6 weeks, if that. His name is Max. He purrs loudly and curls up under your neck and is just completely adorable and sweet.

Oh, and I'm completely banned from going to any more yard sales.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mmmmmm.... cake.

I found this recipe on another blog (I wish I could remember which one) and printed it and kept it in a drawer in the kitchen. I finally made it, and people, it is the yum!

The most amazing thing about this recipe? You just need a box of cocoa to throw this bad boy together, no actual chocolate is necessary. And while I almost always have cocoa on hand, but chocolate has a much, much, much shorter lifespan in my home, this should become one of those go-to recipes.

I used half dark chocolate cocoa and half regular cocoa, and I'm thrilled with the results. Very dark-chocolately, not too sweet, very moist.

Happy 4th!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Found at Findy

This past week at Findy, they have been featuring consignment shops. Wendy at Circle Circle Dot Dot was just featured, and luckily for me, they chose one of my makeup bags to feature as well. Thanks Wendy! Thanks Findy!