Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Random Act of Kindness

Lately, as both of my readers (Hi Mom!) realize, I've been very lazy about posting on my blog. Well, laziness seasoned with a splash of blah. Really, nothing terribly interesting to report.

Until today, when I received a package in the mail that made me all warm and fuzzy and awwwwwww!! and fan my watery eyes with my hands. One of my favorite repeat customers, Anna, sent me a package of homemade cookies and a note with the sweetest compliments.

JUST BECAUSE! Seriously!

They are chocolately and oatmealy and toffee-y and just delish! (As you can see from the missing part of the cookie in the picture, because really, how could I be expected to go upstairs and fetch my camera on a empty stomach?)

Anna, you absolutely made my week! It was so incredibly thoughtful, and unexpected (which is a killer combination in a gift) and I'm absolutely dumbstruck that I was the recipient of such kindness, not to mention yumminess.

(OK, I'm totally fanning my eyes again.)