Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun with Flickr!

M O Pewter Letter d E R N C Scrabble Letter H A R M
Try it yourself!

Contest at IndieFixx

Check it out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teeny Pincushion Crafty Goodness!

Sometimes, you just gotta make-something-because-you-saw-it-and-you-thought-you-could-make-it-and-you-don't-really-need-it-but-isn't-it-cute-and-you-totally-have-all-the-materials-and-how-often-does-that-happen? Right?

I saw this pincushion on How About Orange (those of you who click all the links already know that) and so I thought I would give it a shot. So cute! So widdle!

I began with the Diet Coke bottle cap and a circle of Amy Butler fabric with a smallish daisy print. My fabric circle began at about 3 1/2" across, but I trimmed it smaller, probably closer to 3".

I decided to fuse a little circle of fleece to the fabric, so that it would give the top of the pincushion a nice, smooth surface. I also cut a long strip of fleece to roll up and fit into the bottle cap, to give it a beefy foundation.

Next, I trimmed my fabric circle a little bit, and then did a running stitch all around the outside of the circle. I pulled it tight, stuffed it with fiberfill, stuffed it some more, pulled and pinched, and stuffed some more. When it was all stuffed, I pulled the stitches together and stitched some more, to pull it together even further.

The whole idea is to build the pincushion inside of the bottlecap. I totally didn't do that. I meant to, but I think I forgot a glue step (yeah, I'm much better at looking at pictures than I am at actually reading the directions). Anyway, I put the top on and put a few stitches through the fleece bottom, to hold it in place.
And the bottom popped out of the bottlecap.

And it looked completely adorable and mushroom-like, so I went with it. I used some fabric glue to put the green ribbon around the bottom and.... voila!

Behold! The Twee Pincushion!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Etsy Picks du Jour

Coffee Lovers Edition

Chocolate Espresso soap - can't you just smell it? By daisycakessoap.

Can you relate? Magnet by allegrae.

The cutest Cup O Joe Pincushion by betzwhite.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I may have found my fix while I wait for Project Runway.

There is a new show that premieres Friday on TLC called "I've Got Nothing to Wear." From what I can tell from the promos, a fashion-y designer-y type person comes into your home, examines the sad state of your closet, takes what is there and with scissors and thread and a tiny bit of pixie dust, refashions your wardrobe!

People, I am giddy! I hope this is as good as it looks like it could be. This might just get me through until season 4 of Project Runway, which I heard was scheduled for December.
Not cool, Bravo.

Edited to add:

OK, just saw it and I LOVE it! Lots of creative ideas!

Right before it came on, I was watching the end of "What Not To Wear", and the participant came out wearing the cutest pair of white city shorts. By the end of "I've Got Nothing To Wear", I had taken a pair of white capris that I never wear, cut them off to city short length, narrowed the leg, put some darts in the waistband, removed the pocket linings (which showed through the fabric) and hemmed the bottom.

Would I have thought of this without seeing IGNTW? Doubtful.

Another great idea that they used was a Look Book. Simple enough to do with a digital camera and a printer.

Now to make another pair of city shorts out of some khaki capris.

Etsy Picks du Jour

For your island vacation...

A bright red and white beach tote in a tropical floral design, for carrying your sunscreen, towel, oversized sunglasses and chick lit. It's even reversible! By applelover.

A pearl and aqua chalcedony necklace that is sure to get compliments from everyone from the front desk clerk of your island hotel to the bartender at the bar on the beach. By BijouxOdalisque.

It even has a starfish charm attached to the clasp!

For writing Thank You notes to your spa technicians at the hotel, these adorable notecards from pinkbathtub.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Etsy Picks du Jour

Note: In previous EPdJ postings, I have not used photographs. The reason? On etsy, it's considered spam to convo someone to let them know that you love their stuff and would like to feature their item on your blog and would it be OK to use a picture of the item? But frankly, my writing is not that good, and I can't fully explain what something looks like with mere words. And wouldn't you rather see pretty, pretty pictures?

Sooo... since I'm all about my readers (Hi to both of you! And Hi Mom!), in the interest of more picture-ful posts, I'm going to use pictures! (I know, I'm a rebel.) If someone sees their picture and wants me to remove it, I will do so happily. But until then, I'm going to totally throw caution to the wind and promote other people's shops and items on my blog.

You know, cause that's how I roll.

And now for the show!

Sensational sterling silver origami "cootie catcher" earrings by Hapa. (These are FOLDED people!)

More amazing folding, this time with fabric, to create this stunning hairpin. The technique is called "Tsumami kanzashi." By gochemoche. For when you are feeling very "Memoirs of a Geisha."

And finally, to round out the asian-inspired theme of the day, these fabulous little chopstick rests. By sumiko.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Skinnies are Here!

After receiving several requests for the Skinny Headbands, I've finally got them listed in my etsy shop. More will be coming!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Hey Sweetie! Happy Father's Day!

Enjoy your day of breakfast in bed and watching the finals of the US Open. Of course, it won't be nearly as fun for you, since Tiger is going to lose. But... you know, try to enjoy it anyway. I just hope Tiger doesn't cry or snap an iron over his leg or anything.

Tiger watches his ball careen into the gallery and hit a fan, as he does the mental math to calculate in yet another double bogey.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your next US Open Champion, Aaron Baddelley.

Can't wait to see what groovy golf pants Badds will be sporting today.

But, you know, have a great day anyway! We love you!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Etsy Picks du Jour

Have your name written in sterling silver and be oh-so-Carrie-Bradshaw - so pretty for summer! By happyone4ever.

Just look at the amazing wire wrapping on this necklace with stones in watery shades of blue and green. Truly a work of art, by magdalenasatelier.

Lover-ly thank you cards with a lime and chocoolate brown flourish! By crescentmoonpaper.

Contest Winners! Wheee!

PamperingBeki has announced the winners of the giveaway.

Winners? Shouldn't there just be one? Well, the response was so great, I decided to give away a headband to two more people. I was overwhelmed with the comments on her blog, with all the compliments and such, it just touched my wee little heart.


Friday, June 15, 2007


PamperingBeki is giving away this makeup bag and skinny headband set FREE on her blog. All you have to do to enter is comment.

If you haven't already entered, today is the final day! GO! I'm not sure what time today she will pick a winner, so hurry, kittens, hurry!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Etsy Frustration Haiku, Take 2

Poor Haim is in flames.
Once again Etsy sputters
and passes out cold.

New Modern Charm designs at Funky Utopia

Black Wristlet with Hand Embroidered Leaves

Black Twill Tote with Bird and Branch Embroidered Design

Etsy Picks du Jour

A necklace fit for a mermaid from carolinableu.

Remember bicycles with baskets on the front? (Yeah, me neither.) You'll love these block print cards from alittlehut.

Finally, this cool cocktail skirt from bonspielcreation - love the fabric!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Etsy Picks du Jour

Attack of the Cute!

The most adorable cyclops ever. From powderpuff. Her name is Eyevana!

A cupcake ring!! From sudlow.

And finally, one you really have to see. A diorama pincushion. With a hedgehog. Seriously, I can't explain this well enough. Go see it! NOW! From iHook.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Fabrics! Just listed.

Etsy Picks du Jour

Love this set of two giclee prints by modernarteveryday of white dahlias on a deep brown background.

More dahlias on this very cool tunic dress by circularaccessories.

And finally, a dahlia pendant - it's handpainted on a mother-of-pearl disc - by thepebblecollection.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Market Totes - new from Modern Charm

Just listed today - new Market Totes. These are soft, natural canvas totes with a band of fabric around the top for a little extra somethin'. You will find so many uses!

Don't you love this fabric? It's from Anna Maria Horner from her Chocolate Lollipop line, and that chartreuse color is inspired! Love it!

These totes are meant to be able to be rolled up and smooshed into a smaller space until they are needed. Perfect to put inside a diaper bag, your beach bag, or your handbag.

Did I mention that they are only $12?

Modern Charm Giveaway at PamperingBeki!

PamperingBeki and I have joined forces (wow! sounds powerful, doesn't it?) to give away this makeup bag and skinny headband set at her blog. Just leave a comment and on June 15th, she will choose a winner to receive the set. EASY!

This makeup bag set is in Alexander Henry fabric, Petite Kleo, in pinks, yellows, and greens. So cute! And come on... don't you deserve a new makeup bag?

Check out PamperingBeki's Etsy shop, too! Lots of cute things, including the ever popular Funky Mom Bracelet.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dear HBO,

Re: Final episode of the Sopranos

Whaaaa?????????????? Is that it? Seriously?

Oh, I get it, maybe you are saving the Big Finale episode for the DVD release or something, because, um.... I think you forgot to show it tonight. You know, tonight. The night that everyone has been waiting for?

Have you ever heard of closure? (See: Jack Bauer, 24)

Did I miss something?

You ended the episode (the SERIES) with everyone popping onion rings in their mouths and Meadow coming through the diner door. Were the onion rings poisonous? Was the waitress really a hit man? Was the little table juke box supposed to blow up when Tony played, "I Did It My Way", but instead he played Journey?

I. Don't. Get. It.

A Day Off

When you work from home, sometimes taking a day off feels impossible. So yesterday, we gathered our blankets and picnic stuffs (including a batch of chocolate chip cookies that my daughter had made) and one of my daughter's friends and headed out for a day trip to Devils Den State Park.

The falls are so beautiful, and you can walk across the top to the other side. Which we did three times. While the girls held my hands so that I wouldn't fall. or freak. or both.

Of course, Baxter came along - his first trip to Devil's Den. (Note my pioneer ingenuity in attaching his leash to low hanging branch over our picnic site. No trees were harmed in the making of this blog post.)
He seemed to get into the spirit of the trip quite easily.

"Mah peeps" as they canoed around the lake. Unfortunately, I was stuck on the dock with Baxter, who decided that canoeing was not for him.

We had a great day of wading in the stream beneath the dam and skipping rocks and basically doing nothing. We were all dog tired at the end of the day (no pun intended).
We came home, gave Baxter a bath (the wet dog funk was enough to make your eyes water), and then he jumped on his blanket on the sofa and didn't move for a few hours.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Etsy Picks du Jour

Crafter's Edition

Check out these metal alphabet embellishments from schoollocker - lots of possibilities! Only $4!

Hand-dyed silk ribbon in aqua and chocolate brown by decadence2artbar.

Superstrong rare earth magnets from cicadastudio. These and some E6000 turns almost anything into a magnet.

Treasury Love!

Thanks so much to beadifulthings for including my Shades of Blue makeup bag in her Treasury! Go check out the Vintage Typewriter Key necklace, too!

Etsy Frustration Haiku

Etsy down again.
My clenched teeth and nervous ticks
are a daily thing.

Etsy Picks du Jour

Fun and funky mod earrings in red and yellow with a cool 60's vibe from historicallyinspired.

More fun jewelery with this Retro Jetson Button Bob Bracelet from RetroAtomic. Perfect for when you are feeling very "Daughter Judy."

And now for something completely different, this Contemporary Connoisseur Table from jasonmeyer made using recycled wooden wine crates.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Etsy Picks du Jour

Spell out whatever you wish (as long as it's 4 letters or less) on these cool Custom Monogram Glass Tiles, and PoPko will make it into a ring or a pendant.

The silver Bubble Lace Ring - so pretty and delicate - from ColleenBaran.

Hot pink and black Bird Coasters from kittycrossbones for your next soiree. I'll have a Cosmopolitan, please.

Modern Charm in a Treasury!

Thanks so much to Lorenzstudio for including my Groovy Floral Headband in her kickin' Treasury!

"How About Orange" comes through again!

How cute is this? How About Orange came up with this idea - so simple, but so smart. She also has a tutorial for the cutest thumbtacks in the world.