Thursday, June 21, 2007

I may have found my fix while I wait for Project Runway.

There is a new show that premieres Friday on TLC called "I've Got Nothing to Wear." From what I can tell from the promos, a fashion-y designer-y type person comes into your home, examines the sad state of your closet, takes what is there and with scissors and thread and a tiny bit of pixie dust, refashions your wardrobe!

People, I am giddy! I hope this is as good as it looks like it could be. This might just get me through until season 4 of Project Runway, which I heard was scheduled for December.
Not cool, Bravo.

Edited to add:

OK, just saw it and I LOVE it! Lots of creative ideas!

Right before it came on, I was watching the end of "What Not To Wear", and the participant came out wearing the cutest pair of white city shorts. By the end of "I've Got Nothing To Wear", I had taken a pair of white capris that I never wear, cut them off to city short length, narrowed the leg, put some darts in the waistband, removed the pocket linings (which showed through the fabric) and hemmed the bottom.

Would I have thought of this without seeing IGNTW? Doubtful.

Another great idea that they used was a Look Book. Simple enough to do with a digital camera and a printer.

Now to make another pair of city shorts out of some khaki capris.


slipps said...

Good job on getting you blog started. I'm a relatively new etsian and I was reading the blog thread and checking them all out to see how to do it and what it is all about.

Looks good!!


Angelia said...

I have noticed they(Bravo) have been showing repeats of Project Runway for the last few week. They are teasing so much.
I will check out this new show.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh I'm just insanely jealous. We don't get TLC. :(

I just woke up this morning and looked in my closet and thought, I really need someone to come in here and put together fabulous outfits with the pieces I have. I know I have a lot of good things, but I'm not always great at putting them together.

Lissa said...

Lovely blog! That's so great that you are promoting fellow Etsyians.Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I've been waiting for the next project Runway too :)


Decadence 2 said...

I used to do that with a friend, we'd rip everything out of our closets and look for new 'outfits' in them....especially handy when you have NO money but want new outfits!