Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teeny Pincushion Crafty Goodness!

Sometimes, you just gotta make-something-because-you-saw-it-and-you-thought-you-could-make-it-and-you-don't-really-need-it-but-isn't-it-cute-and-you-totally-have-all-the-materials-and-how-often-does-that-happen? Right?

I saw this pincushion on How About Orange (those of you who click all the links already know that) and so I thought I would give it a shot. So cute! So widdle!

I began with the Diet Coke bottle cap and a circle of Amy Butler fabric with a smallish daisy print. My fabric circle began at about 3 1/2" across, but I trimmed it smaller, probably closer to 3".

I decided to fuse a little circle of fleece to the fabric, so that it would give the top of the pincushion a nice, smooth surface. I also cut a long strip of fleece to roll up and fit into the bottle cap, to give it a beefy foundation.

Next, I trimmed my fabric circle a little bit, and then did a running stitch all around the outside of the circle. I pulled it tight, stuffed it with fiberfill, stuffed it some more, pulled and pinched, and stuffed some more. When it was all stuffed, I pulled the stitches together and stitched some more, to pull it together even further.

The whole idea is to build the pincushion inside of the bottlecap. I totally didn't do that. I meant to, but I think I forgot a glue step (yeah, I'm much better at looking at pictures than I am at actually reading the directions). Anyway, I put the top on and put a few stitches through the fleece bottom, to hold it in place.
And the bottom popped out of the bottlecap.

And it looked completely adorable and mushroom-like, so I went with it. I used some fabric glue to put the green ribbon around the bottom and.... voila!

Behold! The Twee Pincushion!

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