Monday, June 4, 2007

A Productive Episode

Yesterday, while I sewed, I watched the Bravo TV Law & Order CI Marathon that they have every Sunday evening. I'm always amazed and amused at how Detective Goren can watch someone answer a few questions and magically, be able to pick up on clues that escape mortal men, such as whether the suspect was breastfed as a baby or if he got dumped by his 8th grade girlfriend. On one episode that I saw yesterday, he actually determined that a murder victim was a piano player by the state of his shoes and his fingernails.

For some reason, give me a good TV marathon of some sort - CSI, What Not To Wear, Planet Earth, Deadliest Catch, House - and I can "sew like the wind." My productivity seems to be in direct proportion to the length of, and my interest in the show at hand. And it doesn't matter if I have seen the shows 10 times before.

My FAVORITE show to sew to is Project Runway. Give me a good PR marathon on a Sunday and I'm in heaven. Unfortunately, Project Runway is between seasons right now. I am on high alert waiting for season 4. Tim Gunn, where are you? (One of the great regrets of my life is that I wasn't able to procure a Tim Gunn Bobblehead doll for my sewing studio when they were available.)

Do you think that my cable bill could be considered a business expense?


Angelia said...

You could have been writing about me. I always seem to be sewing on Sundays, and it seems to go so well with a old TV show marathon of sorts. I also agree with Project Runway being the best for projects. Thanks, for all the thoughts.

linda said...

I'm the complete opposite. When the TV is on, I get so incredibly UNproductive! I must be doing something wrong, because it would be really nice to do both.