Monday, November 5, 2007

I choose to blame this all on the Daylight Savings time change.

Ever have one of those days? Welcome to mine.

So far today I've made 2 handbags based on a new, but not complicated, design. The first was just not right. Close, very close, but no cigar.

I had extremely high hopes for the second one, which came out worst than the first. I tweaked the initial issue, only to discover that I had made an error elsewhere. A math error.

No real surprise there.

So now I'm working on the third bag. It's showing great potential, but I don't want to get crazy or anything, especially since I'm toying with the idea of tweaking the closure.

(Will I never learn?)

Meanwhile, I decided to do a simple, wintery banner for my shop for the holiday season. Wouldn't that be nice and festive? 45 minutes and one ugly, pixilated, utterly unfixable banner later, I was ready to scream.

So, it's 8:30pm. Should I call it a night and watch some TV? Work on the third bag and try and make something positive and productive out of this day?

The jury is still out.


lorenzstudio said...

Unfortunately, I think the only productive thing I've done all day is the laundry!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, I hate those days! We all have them. I have found that the best thing to do is just take the rest of the day off, lol! Tomorrow is usually a lot better
Smiles, Kareen