Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Old Navy, why hast thou forsaken me?

I am big fan of Old Navy. Cute! Cheap! Fun! Cheap! Not exactly where I would go for an interview suit or an LBD, but for the stuff that I live in (and will ultimately stain with pizza sauce or craft paint), they rock.

Well, rocked.

First of all, they changed their store. They no longer play groovy music that you haven't heard in 20 years and oh-my-gosh-I-used-to-love-this-song. My daughter, though now she is way cooler and more mature, used to dance UNCONTROLLABLY in the aisles. It was retail hilarity. Now Old Navy has watered down their choices to grocery store muzak. Radio Top 40. Bleh.

Second, what is the deal with the new jeans styles? The Flirt? The Diva? Can't you just say "mid-rise boot cut" and go with it? I now have to decipher a code?

Third, it appears that Old Navy is going for the "Banana Republic" lite look. Right now, there are tons of safari-inspired things. None of which I can/would wear.

The safari romper? (which begins the description with "Him Tarzan. You sexy!") Who the hell over the age of 3 wears rompers???

Can I get an Urban Sombrero to go with that?

OK, there is one thing that I like. These shoes... (oh, and they have also messed up their website, too, so if you want to see them, you have to move your cursor around the gray box. It bites.)

The ultimate heartbreak of these shoes is that I love them, but feel ridiculous when I have tried them on. Like I'm trying to be Jessica Simpson with the huge platform. I keep imagining these with a cute wrap dress in the summer (NOT the Safari Romper)... but I'm (gulp) 40.

Will I look like a big idiot?

Please be kind. My ego bruises like a peach.


Dawn said...

Go for the shoes!!! The "romper" on the other hand...something tells me you'll be able to score those babies pretty cheap in a few months. :)

Beadiful Things by Ann Westby said...

Oh, my God, I'm crying over here! Me Tarzan, you sexy... Baahwahwahwaaa! That's going to become a household phrase around here, I promise you that! :-D

The shoes....y'know, I'm 40 too. And I'd wear them at 40, if I still looked the way I did in my 20s (alas, I do not).

beki said...

Yeah, I've been sort of disenchanted with ON for a while now. Their latest commercials with the safari stuff are weird.

jeanetta said...

lol you had me rolling. first time for me to drop in. i found you through the ARetsy street team. i love your items there too.
and i totally agree with you about old navy. and for that matter all those shops are going to way of the leaner teeners.

Cicada Studio said...

I'm 38 and I'm with you... no rompers or safari for me. Nor could I pull off those awesome shoes- I'm just too squat in shape these days after the baby. Also, I'm a little irritated by ON thinking that most of the public can get away wearing those tiny little cute bubbly shorts they're making these days. I believe the 3 tall and twiggy girls in the commercial are quite the minority in my neck o' the country. I hope I don't see too many fashion victims this summer as a result. They are are so short, it will hurt to look.