Monday, February 18, 2008

The Random Post of Vagueness

First things first. The Winner of the Market Tote Giveaway is...

Congrats craftymamamia! (You should have heard my daughter saying your name when she pulled your name out of the bag! ) I hope you enjoy it!

Look what I got for Valentine's Day!

Aren't they gorgeous? I love tulips and I can't believe that my hubby was so sweet!

I made some chocolate kisses and hugs cupcakes (and a heart shaped pizza, which photographed so horridly that I couldn't think of posting it).

In other news, I recently painted my guest bathroom. I love the blue!

Then, I decided that I liked the color so much (and I had a good amount left), I would paint my shipping table...

and then a border around my studio mirror...

and my bookshelf.

Thank heavens the cat wasn't around, or he probably would have been painted, too.

I've got some new Market Totes and Headbands to list this afternoon, and the tulips came in handy as props.


The Downtown Boutique said...

Very pretty flowers! I LOVE tulips! The blue bathroom turned out so did the other things you painted blue! :-)

I love the market bags. They turned out very nicely.


dawn said...

When you find a good paint -- you really do need to just go with it. :)

I love the market totes -- might need to go buy myself one...