Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In my studio...

My favorite fabric changes at least once a week, and maybe more depending upon how often I see the UPS man, but this one is just adorable. Outlines of red birds - in varying prints, almost like appliques - on a blue and white modern floral background. I think that this print is the perfect size for a makeup bag.

After this, the next logical step for this fabric would be a bistro apron pocket.

The skinny headbands that I made to go with the makeup bags are now getting their own fan mail, and I'm getting ready to offer these in my etsy shop as well. The plan is to list them in sets of coordinated colors and prints.

I've also been working on a new bag design. It's almost ready for prime time, just a few tweaks more...


Beadiful Things said...

Beautiful. I just took up sewing myself and have borrowed my mom's sewing machine to see if it'd be worthwhile for me to invest in my own. Your stuff is inspiring me!

Btw, I ended up buying that adorable sock puppet on your picks du jour. I told the seller your blog sent me to her. I love to know how people stumble upon my stuff, so I always try to tell sellers where I found them if it was in a roundabout way.

Love your blog. I'm gonna link you! :-)

Mendy said...

Thanks so much! It's great that you are taking up sewing! Maybe we can help each other out. I'm a very, very, very amateur beader - like just a step above macaroni necklaces. :)

I hope you enjoy the sock puppet! Thanks for telling the seller about my blog.