Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dear clever computer virus evil person,

Kudos to you for finding a way to infect my computer with your nasty little virus that didn't seem to ever want to go away. After all, I go to such risky places like craft blogs and sewing sites, I simply should have expected it!

Thanks to you and your darling little computer-virus-trojan-something-or-other, most of my day has been yelling to my husband, "hey, I rebooted and it's still doing it" and "yes, I already ran the anti-virus stuff" and such. The dog was able to hear some choice phrases that I only use for very special ocassions, such as burning myself with the glue gun. (Thankfully, my daughter was at school.)

The pop-ups that I fought like I was playing Whack-a-Mole were very, very thoughtful, however, I'm not sure that you should be concerned that I might need Hoodia so that I will "look better naked" and, well, thanks for the offer to see Britney's boobies, but really, haven't we all seen enough of Brit? AND Anna Nicole? Thanks, but no. Oh, and I'm perfectly happy with my ringtone. No need to offer again.

If only you would use your power for Good.

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Vito Porkleone said...

All your hard drive are belong to us...