Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TCB, Baby.

When you are running a home business, you fill every shoe - VP of Marketing, IT Guy, Research and Development, Administrative Assistant, and skaterpunk in the mail room. Did I even mention production??? We all need a little help now and then, sometimes just to keep on track and not let something obvious slip through the cracks.

That's why I LOVE this idea. Christina Perdue is running a daily series this month on her blog, "30 Days to a Better Shop" with ideas taken from the etsy forums. She's only on day 2 (duh, Mendy!), so if you want to join in, you can easily be on track. I've already written out my goals AND tweaked my shop info (just a touch - still needs some love).

Also, I found the coolest little thing on etsy. Ever wonder exactly how much profit you are making, or even IF? Sabine at Blue Water Studio has the neatest little profit calculators for only $1.11 that you can download and use with excell. They are even pretty! I got one last night, and I'm dying to try it out. (My hubby will be oh-so-pleased with me for being so bean-counter-y.)


AscenderRisesAbove said...

thanks for the "30 Days to a Better Shop" link! I haven't went through it yet - but plan to later today (this week...) (sometime this month!)

Christina Perdue said...

Thanks so much for the plug. :)

I also have one of the profit/loss calculators. Mine is "I Love Cake" and it is so pretty and useful.