Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Turning the corner

Christmas is over. Long, exhausted exhale.........

I would love to say that Christmas is my favorite time of the year and full of wonder and sparkle and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, I find as I get older that it seems to be more stressful and the magic has been completely wrung out of the season. Never enough time, never enough money. Maybe that is just part of being a grown up. I hope not. I would love to rediscover the warm feelings that I used to enjoy.

It's 12:15pm on Dec. 26th and my tree is already down. I used to leave my tree up until after New Years, but for some reason now, it just makes me sad to see the tree after Christmas.

I am proud to say that while I did not strictly adhere to the Handmade Christmas pledge, almost everyone on my list did get something handmade, whether it was something I purchased on Etsy (my daughter adored the Mario buttons in her stocking, and my hubby got a smile from his Guinness soap) or something from my own shop, or a photo that I took of my daughter that I framed for the grandparents, or cookies for the neighbors.

So, now it's time to get back to work. New designs for Spring. New twists on existing products. Today is a Project Runway marathon (always good "sew along" tv) and my daughter has more new stuff to keep her busy than she can wrap her mind around. (The only grandkid on one side of the family + only one of three on the other side = SPOILED ROTTEN.)

The best news is that New Years is just a few days away. Without a doubt, this is my favorite day of the year. New year, new possibilities, new beginnings, new goals. And lots of football on TV.


PamperingBeki said...

I think I could've written this exact post.


Me too. Christmas is definitely different now, but it does bring me joy to see the next generation enjoy it as I once did.

Our tree is down as well. :-)

JennyC.No3 said...

Love the Guinness soap!

My husband is a coffee addict so I may have to search Etsy for some espresso soap for next year ...